Click here to read Is Cardio Really the Secret to Fat Loss?

Is cardio really necessary to burn fat? What kind of cardio works best?

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Click here to read 4 Reasons Your Client Isn’t Losing Weight That No One is Talking About

You and your client have hit a wall. Weight loss just isn’t happening. What do you do? Before you let your client give up in frustration, consider these four weight loss roadblocks that not everyone knows about, not even most trainers.

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Click here to read 3 Science-Backed Methods for Losing Fat

While it is true that there is no magic pill, or potion to promote healthy and rapid fat loss, there are however, proven scientific methods to help personal training clients burn fat instead of muscle during their workouts, and afterwards as well.   An educated and qualified personal trainer can provide the most up-to-date fitness information possible to help people achieve their fat loss goals while at the same time, improve their health and fitness. 

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Click here to read Fasted Exercise for Faster Weight Loss?

As a personal trainer, you've become the go-to expert that people in your circle turn to for reliable advice on anything related to fitness and nutrition.  One question that can be overheard across the training floors of just about every gym these days has do with the topic of fasted training.  So how do you answer the question “is it better for me to exercise on an empty stomach?”

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Click here to read How to Sip Your Way to a Slimmer Midsection This Summer

If you’ve been around fitness circles for any length of time, then you’re probably no stranger to the infamous “summer cut.”

It’s a rite of passage taken every year when fitness enthusiasts commit to trimming off the extra layer of “insulation” that kept their midsections warm over those frosty winter months.

Sound familiar?

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Click here to read Controlling Diabetes is Easier Than You Think

Over 40 million people (just in the USA) are suffering with a condition that, for many of them, can be easily prevented if they would follow a few simple rules. Can the power of exercise and nutrition really make all the difference?

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Click here to read Facts About Fat Burners

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of nutritional products and schemes on the market promising the uninformed consumer faster and easier fat loss. The truth is, the vast majority of these products burn nothing but your money. The few products that actually aid in fat burning or weight reduction can be quite dangerous, even deadly! Nonetheless, most people do not take the time to research the efficacy and safety of a product before they jump on the quick-fix bandwagon.

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Click here to read Obesity. Who's to Blame?

Obesity. Who's to Blame?

February 3, 2011

We’ve all heard the message. Lean bodies produced by sound nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training will reduce the risks of cancer, stroke, heart disease and type II diabetes. Now, new research shows that caloric restriction can stop the cell death process associated with age. As a result of a continuing multi-media message, countless numbers of people are dieting. 

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