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As the fitness field grows more competitive, it's becoming more necessary for trainers to set themselves apart with credentials that go beyond the realm of personal training basics.

If you're looking to truly jump-start your fitness career, we recommend challenging yourself to a higher standard with the ISSA Elite Trainer Certification Program.

In addition to the basic certification necessary to get started in the fitness business, this program will also open up client opportunities in both nutrition and post-rehab training to you--two of today's fastest growing markets.

Candidates who successfully complete the

and ANY ONE of the following programs are awarded the distinguished title of ISSA Elite Trainer:

Elite Trainer Certification: Program Components

Corrective Exercise Certification Course

Corrective Exercise Certification Course

The ISSA's Corrective Exercise Course will help you learn how to identify and correct the most common movement dysfunctions that you are likely to see in a wide range of clients, from the weekend warrior to the serious athlete.

Click here to view the Exercise Therapist Certification

Exercise Therapy Certification

This post-rehab certification program teaches you how to work with individuals suffering from a wide variety of injuries and illnesses. Learn to use strength training as a healing modality.

Click here to view the Group Fitness Certification

Group Fitness Certification

Specialist in Group Fitness shows you how to use your knowledge and experience as an ISSA certified fitness trainer to design and lead safe and effective group training sessions.

Click here to view the Strength and Conditioning Certification

Strength and Conditioning Certification

Designed to provide coaches with the knowledge, expertise, and specific training techniques to enable their athletes to expand the capacity of their bodies, injury free.

Click here to view the Youth Fitness Certification

Youth Fitness Certification

As many trainers are now discovering, youth fitness is destined to become the fastest growing segment of our industry. If you want to work with kids, this is your program.

Click here to view the Senior Fitness Certification

Senior Fitness Certification

ISSA has brought together some of the finest minds in fitness science to create a breakthrough program for trainers who wish to work with older adults.

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Elite Trainer Certification

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