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Nutrition Certification Course

We've all heard that "You are what you eat." But this old axiom tells only part of the story. While correct nutrition is essential to a proper fitness training program, it's also critical to consider HOW you eat. ISSA's Sports Nutrition Certification course teaches you necessary concepts like: meal frequency, macronutrient ratios, specificity to athletic objectives, and periodizing caloric intake. Whether you are a personal trainer, nutritionist, or just new to the fitness industry, ISSA's Sports Nutrition Certification course can vastly improve your client's training programs.

Incorporating a scientifically sound diet and a proper nutrition regimen can radically increase the effectiveness of your clients' fitness training objectives-resulting in more lean mass, less body fat, and greater energy levels. Through ISSA's Nutrition Certification course you will learn the science behind nutrition and its effects on performance, muscle growth, and fat loss. With this skills learned from the Nutrition Certification course you will amaze your clients with fast results as they apply your integrated approach to nutrition to their personal training routines.

Included in the Nutrition Certification course

The Sports Nutrition Certification textbook (359 pages) contains two powerful reference tools. The first of these tools is a 30+ page glossary that includes every food and supplemental nutrient known, explaining the function of each in the human body. The second tool is an incredibly comprehensive section on supplementation which explains why nutrition supplements are vital to health and well-being and how they can diminish pain, fatigue, lack of endurance, mood swings, and cravings for sugar or fat.

The easy-to-follow nutrition course book is complemented by a curriculum guide with detailed learning objectives to help you get the most out of your studies.

Finally, 2 audio CDs have been included to further enhance your studies.

29 Years of Educating and Certifying Personal Trainers

Since 1988, the ISSA has certified and provided continuing fitness education to over 200,000 people just like you who want to help others feel better, look better and improve the quality of their lives.

We are unconditionally committed to providing expanded access to the highest quality personal training certification and continuing fitness education programs available, advancing our industry as a whole, and developing greater access to career opportunities for those who share our vision of creating a stronger, healthier World.

Try our Career Calculator to calculate how much extra money you could earn this year by turning your passion for fitness into profit as a personal trainer with just a few clients a week.

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Sports Nutrition Certification

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