Personal Trainer Evaluation

Welcome to your ISSA Personal Trainer Readiness Evaluation! Select the answer that best describes you for each of the 10 questions below. When you complete the evaluation, simply click the "EVALUATE MY READINESS" button and your results will be instantly calculated. Then be sure to check out ISSA's Personal Training Certification course to see how you can become a personal trainer today.

1. Are you considering a career as a personal trainer or as a supplement to your current income?

2. Job satisfaction for me comes mostly from:

3. I am asked questions about effective exercise techniques:

4. Have you researched any other certification programs?

5. I subscribe to or purchase ___ number of publications about exercise and/or nutrition on a monthly basis:

6. I exercise:

7. I consider myself to be:

8. In the areas of exercise and nutrition I am:

9. Who has encouraged you to consider a career in personal training:

10. I am interested in becoming a personal trainer to: