ISSA Founders, Advisors, Course and Continuing Education Authors

The International Sports Sciences Association's advisors and authors are some of the most prestigious and respected names in the fitness industry. The years of scientific research they have conducted, the hundreds of professional publications, and college text books they have authored, is the basis of virtually all exercise, physiology, nutrition, and fitness courses taught around the world.

While others talk about their "experts" we urge you to see for yourself and take an in depth look at their biographies, publications, and accomplishments.

We're confident you'll see why ISSA is truly the World Leader in Fitness Education

Dr. Sal Arria Frederick C. Hatfield Charles Staley Patrick S. Gamboa Dr. Jack Barnathan Karl Knopf Bill Pearl Warren Potash Dr. Thomas Fahey Jane Frederick Dr. Gordon

E.J. 'Doc' Kreis Robert Filer Lt. Col. Taylor John Schaeffer John DeFendis John Berardi Kim Dolan Leto LaReine Chabut

Bill Pearl ISSA International Fitness Advisor

Bill Pearl is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. He is a former Mr. California, Mr. America, and four-time Mr. Universe. Bill Pearl began lifting weights at 11 years of age, and owned and managed world-renowned bodybuilding gyms in Southern California for over 30 years. In the 1980’s, Pearl and his wife Judy (also a bodybuilder) self-produced a remarkable book, Keys to the Inner Universe. It is by far the most complete bodybuilding book ever written. It has 638 pages, weights 5 pounds, and contains 1500 weightlifting exercises. In addition to co-authoring Keys to the Inner Universe, Pearl wrote Getting Stronger and co-wrote Getting In Shape.

Pearl travels all over America, Europe, and Japan speaking to trainers, professionals and amateurs interested in physical fitness. Pearl is known for his ability to transform his vast knowledge of fitness training into terms readily understandable to the average person. Bill is over 60 years old and looks at least 10 years younger. His life is a testament to the virtues of physical fitness and sound nutrition.