About Eric Brody

Eric Brody received his Master’s degree in Oceanography from the University of California at Santa Barbara and his Bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Economics Decision Science (Management Science) and History from the University of California at San Diego.  He also teaches History at the ISSA and American Sign Language at the University of California at Santa Barbara and is currently his degree from the College of Exercise Sciences at the ISSA.

After working many years in educational, science and business industry, he decided to follow his passion for health and fitness by joining the ISSA where he received his Master and Elite Trainer Certification.

Eric believes that in order to empower other people, we must look inside and strive to follow our passion by not just learning everything we can, but to apply it by teaching and being kind to others. 

Besides working and teaching, Eric enjoys playing basketball, being a husband and father 3 children and keeping up with current research to find ways to better serve his students and clients.

Articles from Eric Brody

Best time to Consume Protein?

There’s no question that adequate protein intake is essential for building and strengthening muscle tissue. But, is timing of protein intake important for maximizing these gains? Experts don’t always agree on the question of whether hypertrophy and strength can be affected by precise timing of protein (before, during, or after training). In 2013 a group of sports science researchers gathered the best existing research on this common question. We review this analysis here.

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I’m a Certified Trainer, So Why Do I Need One?

It’s Scary to Admit, You May Need a Trainer. It takes some courage to hire a trainer when you are one. I personally was embarrassed by the idea. I went through all the courses; I got certified. Why do I need a trainer? And what if my trainer catches me with bad form? What if I can’t finish a tough workout?

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Is Your Phone Sabotaging Your Workout?

I was recently reading about the best iPhone cases for the gym and it occurred to me that there’s a bigger issue here. Does your phone help you in the gym or does it just distract you from your workout program?

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Can Ginger Help with Exercise Recovery?

As a fitness professional and likely nutrition enthusiast, you have probably heard that ginger is great for exercise recovery. You’ve also heard that about a lot of other foods and supplements, so what’s the real deal? We’ll break it down for you here and give you a run down on all the sports science research related to ginger, muscle pain, and post-workout recovery.

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