About Paul Hovan Jr.

Paul Hovan Jr., BS, CPT, is an ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and the Founder and President of Hov Hustle Fitness. Paul has written extensively on sports nutrition, exercise science, sport performance, metabolism, and meal planning. Paul has trained hundreds of clients from South Korea, UK, Canada, and all around the U.S. He is currently working on a degree in Nursing to help individuals who need the highest level of care.

Articles from Paul Hovan Jr.

3 Science-Backed Methods for Losing Fat

While it is true that there is no magic pill, or potion to promote healthy and rapid fat loss, there are however, proven scientific methods to help personal training clients burn fat instead of muscle during their workouts, and afterwards as well.   An educated and qualified personal trainer can provide the most up-to-date fitness information possible to help people achieve their fat loss goals while at the same time, improve their health and fitness. 

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The Carnivore Diet: What You Need to Know

Would you be interested in a diet where you only eat meat for every meal, every day? We are talking a rib-eye steak for breakfast, lunch, and maybe even dinner. The meat lovers out there are probably salivating from the thought of this; well, it’s real, and it’s the called the Carnivore Diet. Read the article to find out more regarding the all-meat diet that is all the buzz lately in the health and fitness world.

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How Much Protein Do I Need: Protein Myths Busted

When clients ask, “How much protein do I need?” can you answer? What about explaining the role protein plays in weight loss and muscle growth? Learn how to give clients what they want and need to know in the world of protein intake here.

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Building Muscle Simplified: Not as Complicated as you Think

Are your clients begging you to help them get bigger, more muscular arms? Do you have a client that has plateaued in his efforts to bulk up? You can help your clients achieve their goals, but there are no quick fixes, only the facts, backed by research.

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The Scary Connection Between Obesity and Cancer

Obesity is an epidemic in the U.S. and it may just become a cancer epidemic. The latest scientific research shows that carrying extra weight also carries a serious risk for cancer. The more excess weight is carried on the body, the greater the risk is. Let’s help our clients get informed and get down to a healthy weight that will minimize their risks of developing cancer.

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Best FAQ’s Following “Protein Myths” Article

For the first time here at the ISSA, we’ve decided to do a follow-up article addressing the best questions we received in our comments section and on our social media platforms. We received many great responses to the “Protein Myths” article that we published not too long ago, and along with that response, more great questions surfaced that we wanted to answer in more depth.

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Is Cardio Really the Secret to Fat Loss?

Is cardio really necessary to burn fat? What kind of cardio works best?

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