Meet Sandy. She has no patience for Parkinson's

Meet Sandy. She has no patience for Parkinson's.

By Sandy Ellis, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

My father’s side of my family has a genetic disorder similar to Parkinson’s.

While I was growing up and exercising with him I saw firsthand the benefits of gaining the upper hand on the disease through fitness. I wanted to become an ISSA Personal Trainer to work with Parkinson’s patients and also those with special needs.

I did my research and found ISSA had a great presence and reputation in the fitness industry. It was also a good fit for me and where I was in my life.

I am blessed to have earned my ISSA Personal Training Certification in December of 2013. I am so proud to be part of this organization. I can’t even begin to thank the administration and staff for always making me feel important when I ask a question. I know I will have a personalized answer or in one case a phone call to let me know my course petitions had been approved for my CEU’s.

I recently created an adaptive boxing & fitness program for individuals with developmental disabilities. I could not have completed my training for these programs without my ISSA Personal Training Certification, Continuing Education course options and of most of all the support of the ISSA family!

What’s your Why?

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