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List Price
1 payment
for 12 months

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  • Help others while making money
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List Price
1 payment
for 12 months

What You'll Learn From This Course

This course blends nutritional science and practice so you can successfully guide clients toward a better body through proper nutrition. In addition to the fundamentals of nutritional science, the curriculum includes a comprehensive approach to establishing a nutritional practice that includes how to prepare, collect and evaluate preliminary information, offer nutrition and supplement suggestions, set goals, monitor outcomes, make adjustments, and provide continuing ongoing support, all within the professional's defined scope of practice.

  • Administer the tools that fitness professionals use to provide general nutritional recommendations that support healthy eating behaviors for clients.
  • Apply the key principles of exercise nutrition, including the components of ‘good nutrition’, cell structure, energy transfer, anatomy and physiology of digestion, and metabolism.
  • Describe the structure, metabolism, and dietary sources of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.
  • Identify dietary sources, functions, the effects of deficiency, and the effects of surplus for various micronutrients.
  • Identify and address the nutritional variations for special populations.
  • Discuss goal setting and differentiate between outcome versus behavior goals.
  • Assess a client’s participation level through analysis of the client's current nutrition knowledge, lifestyle, and motivation.
  • Design a nutritional strategy for clients based on his or her health history, participation level, lifestyle, and goals.
  • Monitor and adjust a client’s progress through ongoing body composition and fitness assessment.
  • Recognize the situation(s) that require additional professional (Doctor, Dietitian, Physical Therapist) input outside of the trainer’s scope of practice; seek his or her professional guidance.
  • Supply clients with practical plans to overcome common challenges.

What You'll Get With This Course

Hardcopy & Online Main Course Text

Specialist in Fitness Nutrition is a 479 page book that includes everything you need to earn an ISSA Certified Professional Coach. The course material is continually updated with new information so you can be sure you're receiving the most up-to-date information available.

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Meet the authors, Dr. John Berardi, PhD and Ryan Andrews, MS/MA, RD

  • Online and Home Study Exam

    ISSA's certification exam solidifies your proficiency as a fitness professional. Choose a paper-and-pencil exam or utilize our secure online testing portal. One No-cost Retest (if necessary).

  • Practice Exam and Section Quizzes

    The practice Exam and quizzes test your understanding of the materials; so while you're reading you're preparing for the exam at the same time.

  • Video Lectures and Written Lecture Notes

    Lectures shared as videos for those who are visual and audio learners or simply as a complement to reading the textbook to help bring concepts to life. Also includes written notes to provide more insights into the textbook lectures

  • Study Guide and Workbook

    This handy reference guide walks you through the course unit-by-unit, allowing you to gain a better understanding of personal trainer concepts.

  • Online Exercise Lab

    ISSA and Hyperstrike provide you with an exclusive online exercise lab with over 250 animated exercises. 3D animation and three different angles ensure that proper form and technique are a breeze!

  • Online Student Forum

    Our online forum is where you can post client or business challenges and receive guidance from our on-staff Master Trainers and members of the ISSA family worldwide.

Plus Bonus Support After Your Exam...

  • Free Professional Website

    All ISSA members get a free website to support their personal trainer careers online. Five pages of professionally designed, easily editable, fully hosted content is included. Choose from nine designs and put your best face forward online!

  • Unlimited Educational Support

    All ISSA students have access to unlimited educational support. If you have questions about the course materials, our on-staff professors can guide you through. This support continues even after you earn your personal trainer certification.

What Our Students Say About Us

We're honored to have outstanding reviews from our graduates who can attest to the power of our courses. Here are some of their inspiring stories:

Hear how ISSA has helped students like you

I do not believe there is another certifying organization that has the background, integrity, caring and compassion that the ISSA has...

J.R. Smith

I was Impress with the high level of clarity of the material and the lectures.

Taneisha Jarrett

With ISSA guidance and textbooks, I have upgraded my knowledge to another level and I feel this by seeing big changes in my clients & myself!

Yavor Varbanov

My experience with ISSA was amazing. I was so impressed with the online self-study program and how it was organized. I was equally impressed with the staff support, knowledge and integrity!

Yvonne Roth

ISSA has brought a strong root into my life that keeps leading me towards success.

Lindley Zama

I am so impressed by the level of professionalism and thoroughness that ISSA offers to trainees.

Megan Ganzagan

The amount of knowledge in the textbook is really satisfying for someone who’s interested in both fitness and the sciences of the human body, and who’s willing to learn about the relationships between them.

Jehad Refaat Abdel Hamid

My ISSA certifications as a Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist has really propelled my career to where it is today.

Noy Alexander

ISSA provides a good educational platform to start a career as a fitness trainer.

Tessa Matus

ISSA provided me with essential tools and knowledge to transform my hobby into a desired business.

Oksana Boyko

I use everything I learned on a daily basis whether I am working with a client or talking with co-workers.

Eric Denney was the most comprehensive program with a solid foundation in all the aspects of nutrition that I needed for my practice.

Molly Edwards

List Price
1 payment
for 12 months

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