The ISSA Division Breakdown

ISSA Public Division

  • No restrictions—open to current students, current members, and the general public
Primary Function
  • Encourage enrollment in ISSA education programs
  • Provide information via articles and links on health and fitness
  • Enrollment pages for Fitness Certification Courses
  • Enrollment pages for Continuing Education Courses
  • Exercise Lab of 25 exercises cosponsored by HyperStrike
  • Blog
  • Job opening SUBMISSION pages (for gyms/corp fitness facilities/etc.)
  • Tools to assess career switch readiness

ISSA Education Division

  • Access restricted to students enrolled in ISSA education courses, and ISSA certified members in good standing
Primary Function
  • Teach
  • Provide specialized education in health and fitness
  • Online course material for certification courses, including course quizzes
  • Question Board
  • Audio tutorials
  • Audio pronunciation guides
  • Exercise videos
  • Online seminar video
  • Exercise lab of 600 audio, video exercises co-sponsored by HyperStrike
  • Toll free (800) 892-4772 phone support by in house professors

ISSA Professional Division

  • Exam access for ISSA students qualified to sit for final exam Full access for ISSA certified members in good standing
Primary Function
  • Administer final exams
  • Issue certification
  • Oversee maintenance of professional status (CEUs)
  • Online final exams
  • Downloadable final exam PDFs
  • Certified logos and forms
  • Renewal packet and application
  • Alumni Board
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Job Posting List
  • Merchant Account Options
  • Online Fitness Training cosponsored by HyperStrike
  • Fitness professional article archives
  • Alliance exclusive discounts/promotions (e.g. business cards, business opportunities
  • GI Bill Reimbursement Forms
  • Continuing Education (Re-Certification)
  • Job Resources
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Forms (PDF)
  • Online continuing education courses

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Hear how ISSA has helped students like you

ISSA has been the best thing that has happened to me!

Michael Patsaros was the most comprehensive program with a solid foundation in all the aspects of nutrition that I needed for my practice.

Molly Edwards

Hear how ISSA has helped students like you

I do not believe there is another certifying organization that has the background, integrity, caring and compassion that the ISSA has...

J.R. Smith

I was Impress with the high level of clarity of the material and the lectures.

Taneisha Jarrett

With ISSA guidance and textbooks, I have upgraded my knowledge to another level and I feel this by seeing big changes in my clients & myself!

Yavor Varbanov

My experience with ISSA was amazing. I was so impressed with the online self-study program and how it was organized. I was equally impressed with the staff support, knowledge and integrity!

Yvonne Roth

ISSA has brought a strong root into my life that keeps leading me towards success.

Lindley Zama

I am so impressed by the level of professionalism and thoroughness that ISSA offers to trainees.

Megan Ganzagan

The amount of knowledge in the textbook is really satisfying for someone who’s interested in both fitness and the sciences of the human body, and who’s willing to learn about the relationships between them.

Jehad Refaat Abdel Hamid

My ISSA certifications as a Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist has really propelled my career to where it is today.

Noy Alexander

ISSA provides a good educational platform to start a career as a fitness trainer.

Tessa Matus

ISSA provided me with essential tools and knowledge to transform my hobby into a desired business.

Oksana Boyko

I use everything I learned on a daily basis whether I am working with a client or talking with co-workers.

Eric Denney was the most comprehensive program with a solid foundation in all the aspects of nutrition that I needed for my practice.

Molly Edwards

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