Diversifying Revenue Streams for Business Growth

Natalie Minh MBA, MS Finance

Natalie is a former IT and Finance professional (BBA รข?? Management Information Systems, MBA, MS Finance) with Fortune 500s. After splitting 14 years between managing global UNIX and Windows systems environments, foreign exchange derivative portfolios and structuring secured finance deals in a corporate setting while not paying much attention to her health, she looked in the mirror and asked herself if this path was taking her down the road that she wanted: spending the majority of my life in a cubicle farm, overweight, and unsatisfied with life. The answer was a resounding NO and this epiphany has led her to change direction. Natalie Minh started working in the industry as a model in Europe and North America and learned the craft of photography over the years working in front of the lens. Over time, this evolved into a career as a photographer where she trained under renowned fashion, beauty, glamour and commercial photographers in Paris, Milan and Belgium. Her images are being used by well-known modeling agencies throughout Europe, featured in advertising campaigns globally and published in a number of international magazines.

Now based in Los Angeles, her work has branched out into the Fitness arena where she contributes to top publications such as Muscular Development, Marathon Muscle, Ultra-Fit Mag, World Fitness Magazine, IronMan Magazine, etc. Natalie specializes in fashion, glamour, fitness, editorial, and commercial photography. Her services are available not only to commercial clients but also to models looking to develop their portfolio.

In 2011, Natalie took her zeal for fitness, combined it with her IT/business expertise, and launched Natalie Minh Interactive. NMI is as internet creative studio serving the health, fitness, and wellness audience. The NMI team offers comprehensive solutions ranging from internet marketing strategies, branding, web consulting, graphic design, photography, social media management and all other marketing needs. In plain terms, she combined the team's obsession with technology and marketing with the client's passion for their business. Natalie is the CEO of the FMI Guild.

Binais Begovic CEO of Body Extra, founder and CEO of BMR sports nutrition, and CEO of Binais.net, is a Montenegro-born bodybuilder who has achieved success and rapid growth of his companies out of the fame and success he achieved in the fitness arena.

Begovic was a star athlete in Montenegro, a member of the national Judo team achieving many merits in that sport. Begovic, who emigrated to Sweden in 1998, first competed in Swedish bodybuilding competitions, then on to the United States. From his success in those endeavors, he was able to grace 60 fitness covers and spring boarded the notoriety into successful business ventures.

He starred as, "Wolf", in the Swedish television show, "Gladiatorena" (Sweden's American Gladiators), founded BMR Sports Nutrition, BodyExtra, Global Physique Competition Series, Fitness Galan Expo, andis the owner and editor-in-chief of Iron Man Magazine Sweden. Binais is married to notable board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Catherine Begovic

There is a reason for the adage, "Do not put all your eggs in one basket." Business thrives with multiple of streams of income. Multi-CEO, self-made millionaire, and international businessman, Binias Begovi?, teams with FMI Guild owner, Natalie Minh, to share business growth advantages by having multiple streams of revenue.