Marketing Secrets for Personal Trainers

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Marketing Secrets for Personal Trainers
By Phil Kaplan, (Phil Kaplan's Fitness Associates) in collaboration with theInternational Sports Sciences Association.

A revolutionary approach to Persuading and Influencing for Fitness Professionals seeking "How to Capitalize on The Fitness Industry's Greatest Need".

An ISSA Online, Interactive Continuing Education Program based on Windows Media Player streaming audio.

This is an All-Audio course. Windows Media Player plugin is required or an equivilant MP3 audio player to hear the lecturer, Phil Kaplan. You can also download an MP3 file of each lesson for offline study of this important course.

If you are a personal trainer or striving to become a personal trainer, you need to take this course! Learn the marketing secrets from Phil Kaplan now rather than stumbling upon them after years of searching! The course focuses on personal trainers working in the health club environment, but provides powerful tips and techniques for any personal trainer in any environment.

Continuing to lead the fitness industry, ISSA recently developed this powerful online course to teach the fine art of "selling" using Phil Kaplan's "NAVAQA System of Influence".

The course was developed in collaboration with world renowned expert, author, speaker and fitness professional Phil Kaplan of Phil Kaplan Fitness Associates. In 1999 alone, Phil taught over 25,000 people at his seminars about the power of transforming and taking control of their bodies.

After completing this exciting mulitmedia course, you will fully grasp the stunning power of influencing your clients using the NAVAQA System of Influence. You will understand that YOU, the fitness professional, can apply the concepts learned in this course to help people who have lost hope of gaining fitness.

You will also fully understand how to capitalize on the fitness industry's greatest need! In this course, Phil Kaplan articulates how you can avoid the five greatest mistakes fitness professionals make today and reap the rewards of referral business continually.

According to his website, the progression of his career began at the Jack La Lanne Fitness Center in Little Neck, New York, where he found part time employment as a fitness instructor. Phil's knack for bringing about results in others soon gained local fame. Working his way through the ranks he became National Director for the Bally's Health Club chain.

Phil explains it as an awakening, the moment the awareness hit: "I was on an airplane watching an overweight woman circling an advertisement for a so-called fat burner when I realized I had taken a wrong turn. With my executive position, expense account, and "Director" title, I was no longer helping people get fit. I was helping health clubs make money!"

Days later, Phil resigned and began his own personal training company in South Florida. He was soon receiving unprecedented acclaim for his ability to "transform" both ordinary people and celebrities!

Phil developed a unique strategy for tying together health club profitability and member satisfaction. He's become a "guru" for personal trainers and fitness professionals. His NAVAQA System of Influence made him the secret weapon of ethical health club owners looking for a profit edge and he's called upon from all corners of the world."

This course is an internet-based, interactive lesson utilizing the powerful free Windows Media Player plugin to broadcast Phil Kaplan's lectures, lesson by lesson. You can also download MP3 audio files of Phil Kaplan's lesson to play on your own media player offline.

Over 33% of ISSA students enroll in our educational programs for their own knowledge, never intending to train others or become a fitness professional. So if you're eager to master the power of "influencing", and avoid the five greatest mistakes fitness professional make today, then this online program will guide you every step of the way!

If you're a personal trainer, selling your knowledge is a much needed, and very lucrative, skill.

You may know your stuff, but can you market and sell your know-how to clients and make money doing what you love? Can you influence your clients so they truly transform their bodies and minds? Can you develop referrals from those transformed clients continuously. Phil Kaplan - using the NAVAQA System of Influence - shows you how!

In this exciting, easy to understand program, you'll learn:

  • The NAVAQA Sytem of Influence
  • The Five Greatest Mistakes Fitness Professionals Make That Limit Their Occupation and Profitability
  • The Psychology of the Prospective Health Club Member or Personal Training Client
  • Rescuing your Prospective Client from their Pain
  • The Secret of Continuous Referrals and the Concept of Value
  • How to Capitalize on the Fitness Industry's Greatest Need
  • How to Achieve Professional Results using The Synergy
  • Be Paid All That You Deserve while Helping People Change Their Bodies and Minds
  • The Orientation and the Series

And it's all available to you immediately, online! Page by page, you'll be guided through the program by Phil Kaplan's Streaming Audio presentation. You can read highlights of his lecture on the web page as you listen to his lecture.

You can also download each lesson as an MP3 file and play it in your WinAmp multimedia player, or use Microsoft's Media Player. Mac users can use Quicktime to play their downloaded MP3s or an MP3 player such as Audion, Macast, WinAmp.

Phil's excitement electrifies you through the magic of the internet, via your computer's speakers. This groundbreaking interactive online course is designed to educate you both visually and audibly, almost like attending an inspiring Phil Kaplan seminar.

If you're committed to developing your fitness career to a peak level, you need to enroll in this continuing education course now!

You can learn at your own pace, in the convenience of your home or office, and if you're a fitness professional, you can earn continuing education credits and receive a Letter of Completion! When you're ready, take the multiple choice, online examination as often as you like! There's no easier way to learn crucial knowledge and earn CEU credits on the web!

Being able to master the art of influencing is absolutely essential for all fitness professionals, no matter how much training experience you have. Learn from the best! Enroll securely online today and begin absorbing these important tips and insights immediately! Your future clients will thank you!

This CEU is currently submitted for acceptance by other organizations.

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The exam was very comprehensive and the fact that it was self-paced made it very easy for a full time father like myself.

Brody McMurrian

Being apart of ISSA has brought me so many opportunities and will continue to do so.

Lauren Hoffmann

ISSA has brought a strong root into my life that keeps leading me towards success.

Lindley Zama

I am more to thank the ISSA for giving me the opportunity to live my dreamed passion in a extraordinary fashion.

Gabriel Garcia

My experience with ISSA was amazing. I was so impressed with the online self-study program and how it was organized. I was equally impressed with the staff support, knowledge and integrity!

Yvonne Roth

ISSA has given me new knowledge and helped me become a more confident and skilled instructor for seniors.

Pehr Torells

This is something I am proud of, not only in my personal accomplishments, but in being able to help others do the same.

Larry Wassinger was the most comprehensive program with a solid foundation in all the aspects of nutrition that I needed for my practice.

Molly Edwards

I am a certified personal trainer. Now I am free to make money doing what I love more than anything, helping others reach the happy, healthy state that I have.

Nickolas Lollar

I'm so happy and proud that I chose this institute for my study to the CFT because their material gave me a lot of information and experience that I didn't know it before.

Ali Al-Noori

As the coursework progressed I began seeing my clients through a different perspective and i firmly believe that ISSA is responsible to give me this sense of professionalism and belonging!

Danees Kazi

First impressions that I received from ISSA compared to other institutions I viewed, could not even be compared.

Byron Funck



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