Physiology of Resistance Training Part 3: Periodization

This course is the third part of a three course ensemble about the physiology of resistance training. In Part 3. Periodization, Dr. William Kraemer, one of the world?s leading authorities in the field of strength fitness, introduces the concept of periodization, a practical strategy with the goal of getting individuals to "peak" for optimal physical performances. Topics consider different muscle actions and training load and volume (single vs. multiple sets), the influence of exercise mode, exercise order, and rest periods for maximizing gains in strength and power, hypertrophy, muscular endurance, the advantages and disadvantages of fast versus slow velocity repetition training, and how compensatory acceleration training impacts muscular force and power. Dr. Kraemer's blend of practical experience integrated with the latest scientific information makes this a must have course for every personal trainer and allied health and fitness professional.

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