Client Centered Approach to Personal Training

This course is designed to teach the personal trainer the necessary skills to put the client at ease, properly assess all aspects of the client that have an impact on his/her unique needs, and develop a program that meets the client?s needs as he/she progresses through the program.

The client?s attitude toward exercise is recognized as an important factor in his/her progression in an exercise and nutritional program. Many national organizations are focusing on ways to assess the client?s attitude toward exercise. The National Strength and Conditioning Association suggests the ?Attitudinal Assessment?, as a means to determine the client?s attitude toward exercise. While this test may provide some information to the personal trainer, regarding the client?s attitude toward exercise, it will not give the trainer a comprehensive understanding of the specific factors that affect the client?s attitude. Additionally, this test will not provide the personal trainer an understanding of the client?s attitude toward areas of his/her life beyond exercise. This will leave the personal trainer ill equipped to develop an exercise program the truly meets the needs of the client.

Further, the personal trainer will not have the information necessary to accurately modify the training program to meet both the client?s progression, and his/her changing needs (affected by factors outside of the exercise program). In order to address this problem, this course includes an assessment test that provides the trainer with a thorough understanding of the six [6] factors that determine the client?s attitude toward both positive and negative life events, including progressions in an exercise program.

This course will teach the trainer how to properly administer and evaluate this test. Additionally this course will teach the trainer how to use the results of this test to design an exercise program that meets the client?s unique, and dynamic, needs. Through this course, the trainer will also learn the skills necessary to modify the exercise program to not only meet the client?s dynamic needs, but also to positively affect client retention rates.

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