Super Power Seminar

Are you getting the most out of your strength training?


Saturday, November 4, 2017
1pm - 5pm


Austin, Texas
Big Tex Gym

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Speed is King!
The stronger you are the faster you will be.

ISSA, the worldwide leader in fitness certifications, brings you one of the best minds in the world of strength and conditioning. Josh Bryant M.S. is a world renowned lifter, author, and trainer. He has teamed up with The ISSA to bring you a series of FREE seminars at spots throughout the country.

Everything from training theory and how to correctly periodize your training, to lift variations and how to arrange individual workouts will be covered. Josh is well-versed in the scientific theory of training, yet he has also been “in the trenches”, so to speak, training himself and hundreds of other elite caliber athletes of all sports.

The Speaker

World renowned strength coach and world record holder.

Bryant, M.S.

ISSA Director of Applied Strength and Power Development



I recently attended the ISSA Super Power Seminar and highly recommend it to anyone (professional coaches or fitness enthusiasts) interested in improving their understanding of strength development or fitness in general.

Fred Hatfield Ph.D aka Dr Squat passionately and concisely discusses why strength development is the necessary underpinning of athletic movement while Josh Bryant MS identifies practical, winning strategies to develop strength and power. I’ve already implemented some of Fred and Josh’s methods into my training and the results have been outstanding. Thank you! Pete Koch
NFL Alumnus
This was a great opportunity for my step-son and I. I want to thank Josh and The good Dr. Hatfield for imparting so much of their knowledge on to us. My step-son is a national level Squash player and we attended the seminar in the hopes of picking up pointers for his weight training... and boy, did we ever! Charles Lockhart
The seminar was very informative with highly credible speakers that have put in many years under the bar and have had success using proven principles that will benefit any coach or lifter. Dr. Fred Hatfield covers the science and principles that are vital to training while Josh Bryant explains the methods and movements that he has used with great success coaching powerlifters and bodybuilders. I highly recommend it! Steve Melero
Owner of Team Breakthru
Being a trainer, I have been to numerous seminars about strength and fitness. This seminar was the best I have ever attended. The combination of Dr. Hatfield's science-based presentation and Josh Bryant's application focused presentation created a unique seminar experience. Thank you both! Ben Sanchez

In this seminar you will learn...

Where does strength come from

Strength is your ability to contract your muscles with maximum force, given constraints stemming from structural/anatomical factors, physiological/biochemical factors, psychoneural/psychosocial factors, and external/environmental factors.

The seven laws of training science

When you break laws, there are unpleasant consequences! Learn these laws and your training will reap dividends!

The seven factors involved in optimizing strength

From running a marathon to squatting world records STRENGTH is required, different kinds mind you but it all can be traced back to the strength curve. Learn it, use and get better

Training each of the seven factors

Different kinds of strength are required for all kinds of activities,all seven factors MUST be trained. Learn how and when to train each factor.

The need for "periodizing" your training

No one has ever bench pressed 500 pounds and run a 5 minute mile. To truly excel you have to know when sequentially to use the proper methods of training. Timing is everything, that is periodization!

How to convert great strength to great power

Strong and slow could be summed up as “riding the pine.” To be your best on the field of play learn to convert the strength gained in the weight room to explosive power on the field of play.

Practical application of the most effective training methods for power, strength and muscle hypertrophy.

Science is great but theory without practice will get you nowhere fast--learn not all the why but the application of methods you can implement immediately with yourself and your athletes. Learn from two premier trainers of champions of techniques actually used.

True "functional" training

Function, what's it really mean? Carryover to the real world, pop those bosu balls and learning cutting edge techniques in true FUNCTIONAL TRAINING.

Hands on coaching

The seminar will end with 90 minutes of hands on coaching with Josh Bryant, a great opportunity to ask questions and learn hands on!


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This seminar is FREE for everybody to attend, and certified ISSA students can gain Continuing Education credits for attending (1 credit per hour of attendance).

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Location and Venue

Big Tex Gym, 1pm - 5pm

The seminar runs from 1pm - 5pm on Saturday, November 4, 2017. Make sure to be early.


Big Tex Gym

1921 Cedar Bend Dr.

Austin, Texas 78758